Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Overview

Core Privacy Principle: At the heart of our operations is a firm commitment to collecting only the essential data needed for our services to function effectively. This commitment stems from:

  • Our aim to build trust with our users, recognizing the sensitive nature of our product.
  • Our decision to steer clear of business models that leverage personal data for profit.
  • The heavy regulatory requirements involved in handling personal data.
  • The substantial effort required to protect personal data.

By prioritizing user privacy, we ensure that our interests are aligned with those of our users, thereby eliminating any potential conflicts of interest found in data-driven business models.

Data Collection Details:

1. Uploaded Content:

  • Uploaded Images: Images uploaded by users are temporarily stored for processing and are not accessible for viewing by our team.

2. Provided Information:

  • Email Address: We collect email addresses to facilitate purchases and support.
  • Support Requests: We record any additional information provided during support interactions.

3. Automatically Collected Information:

  • Device and Connection Data: We utilize tools like Google Analytics without further segmenting or profiling our users.

Utilization of Collected Data:

Our primary goal in collecting data is to enhance service delivery and user experience.

  • Service Provision: Processing images and sending transaction-related communications.
  • Quality Control: Monitoring and managing usage to ensure stable service delivery.
  • Research and Development: Improving and developing new services, website, and app functionalities, and fixing bugs or issues.
  • Communication: Handling inquiries and responding to service requests.

Data Retention Policy:

We retain personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

  • Email Addresses and Support Requests: Stored indefinitely to provide ongoing support.
  • Uploaded Images: Kept until overwritten, for up to three weeks, with immediate deletion available upon request.
  • Device and Connection Information: Stored indefinitely to comply with our data retention policies.

This approach ensures that we maintain the highest standards of privacy while fulfilling our operational needs and obligations.